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Sound Therapy Trainings Schedule
Samui 2024
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6-7-8 July - 3 days training at Shantika Sanctuary (fully booked)
28-29 July and 1 August - 5 days training, Vikasa Yoga Training
20-22 August - 3 days training at Shantika Sanctuary
16-20 December - 5 days training, Vikasa Yoga Training

Bangkok 2024
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12-13-14 July - 3 days training at The Green Room (fully booked)
16-17-18 August - 3 days training at The Green Room

Phuket 2024
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13-14-15 September - 3 days training at Moksha Wellness Surin

3-Day Intensive Sound Therapy Training with healing vibrations✨of Gong, Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls for physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing

Our 3-days Intensive Gong and Sound Therapy Training is tailored for everyone... beginner, intermediate or advanced practitioners interested in Sound to open professional Sound Therapy studio, or as a tool for healing and simply searching for a deeper connection with yourself...


  • Gong sessions for different purposes and audiences: group and private
  • Vibro-acoustic Massage with Tibetan singing Bowls for deep relaxation and stress release
  • Chakra Balancing Therapy with Tibetan Bowls tuned to special frequencies
  • Brain Entrainment practice for clear mind
  • Aura and house cleaning with Sound
  • Crystal and Tibetan bowls Sound Bath
  • Pool Floating Sound Therapy
  • Immersive Sound Journey with 1 and several practitioners
  • Special sessions for PTSD, stress and trauma release
  • Sessions with different instruments - RAV vast, koshi, shamanic drums, water&wind instruments, cymbals and bells.


  • The holistic approach to Sound Healing
  • Brain waves, how to activate them with Sound
  • Parasympathetic nervous system and Vagus nerve
  • Structure of Sound Therapy sessions according to your purpose and audience
  • Trauma awareness in Sound Healing
  • How to design a special session for your clients goals
  • How to start your business project in Sound Therapy
  • What instruments you need to start, and how to choose them properly
  • Self regulation practices: Raja and Buddhi Yoga

After the training you will provide final exam session and get the Certificate.

Svetlana Kaivalya
With more than 20 years of practicing Raja and Buddhi Yoga, Mediation and Sound Therapy (8 years), Svetlana is passionate about helping others connect with their energy and deepness for healing and growth through sound, deep relaxation and meditation.

She has been provided thousands of sessions for more than 6000 thousands of people, from private 1-2-1 to hundreds guests different ages, nationalities and conditions.

Certified by ISTA, IOCE, IASH, Tone of life, Tibetan Golden Temple Centre, she provides Sound Therapy sessions using a unique combination of ancient holistic and modern scientific knowledge and teachings. She also has Master level Reiki, and certification in Trauma Awareness by UNION Trauma Recovery Institute. Keep learning in International Musical Academy of flute Bansuri in Delhi, India.

A wide deep background helps her to design custom Sound Healing and Sound Trauma Recovery Therapy sessions and courses.

Svetlana is a founder of Samui Sound Healing Sanctuary Shantika, providing sessions and certification courses for worldwide famous luxury and wellness resorts and Yoga Centres. Her students open their Sound Healing Studios all over the world – in the USA, Germany, Thailand, Australia, Canada, England, South America & Hong Kong.

Through the art of Sound Healing, Svetlana will guide you towards a state of deep relaxation, allowing the harmonizing vibrations to work their magic on your mind, body, and soul. As the sounds wash over you, you’ll feel a renewed sense of balance and rejuvenation, leaving the stress and worries of the outside world behind. You will gain tools and skills for creating beautiful and profound Sound healing sessions to bring others to the space of tranquility and serenity.

After the training you can provide group and private Sound Healing and Therapy sessions for different clients and goals and open your Sound Therapy Studio with wide range of sessions.
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