Sound is the Medicine of the Future

Sound therapy is a form of sensory therapy that is quickly gaining popularity in the world of integrative medicine. Sound therapy can be considered a complementary treatment, designed to work alongside orthodox medicine. Sound Therapy is also sometimes called sound medicine, vibrational medicine, sound healing, or frequency medicine.

How does it work?
Sound therapy utilises vibration, the principle of resonance, and entrainment. It works by applying specific frequencies that affect the body’s nervous system. You can think of it this way: A massage therapist touches and rubs the tissue, while a sound therapist vibrates the tissue.

It is believed that sound therapy can alter physiological responses and affect emotions. We know that everything naturally vibrates to its own innate resonant frequency. A sound therapy session aims to work with the frequency of the particular part of the body by breaking up stuck energy or blockages in the body and by feeding it energy to restore its balance or health.

Sound Healing is a scientific proven methodology and has been accepted with tremendous approval worldwide. Powerful Healing vibrations enable the patient to go into the deeply altered state (the alpha-delta brainwave state) in which healing process is activated.

When a person is nourished with a right kind of sound, the billions & billions of cells in his body start to vibrate and reorganize themselves according to the divine blueprint, in a state of healthy being.

Effects of Sound Healing
  • Fast and effortless achievement of the “relaxation response”
  • Gentle sound massage and harmonization of all body cells
  • Relief of blockages and tension in mind and body
  • Activation and reinforcement of self-healing forces
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Increased productive energy
  • Optimism and “joie de vivre”, a feeling of happiness
  • Letting go of old, outdated patterns in your life
  • The inner strength to follow through on new resolutions
  • During pregnancy it calms the mother and her unborn child and prepares both for an easier delivery with less pain
  • It has a calming effect on hyperactive children
  • Positive influence on ADD and autism
  • Learning enhancement through the synchronization of the right and the left brain