Public Sound Healing
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Koh Samui
Join us on a Magical journey
through the mystery of Sound...

Private Sound Therapy sessions
  • Gong Ocean (a powerful intense sessions for deep purification, stress release, energy activation, meditation) 1-6 guests
  • Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls and Reiki (a gentle vibrational therapy for deep relaxation and serenity, recovery, harmony&rejunovation) 1-2 guests
  • Chakra Balancing Cocoon Tibetan Bowls Therapy (a sound cocoon witch brings you harmony, deep relaxation and activation) 1 guest
  • Sound Healing Immersive Journey (a beautiful relaxing and meditative session witch brings your harmony and serenity) 1-10 guests
  • Stress&Trauma release sessions (a gentle session designed special for you and your conditions to release stress and come back to serenity and joy)
  • Sound Floating - Sound Healing Therapy in sea/pool
(3000THB per session, 75 min, 1-6 guests/ extra guest after 6 +300 THB)
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